About Us

Settled in the heart of Kansas, B&D Herefords and Angus was built around a focus on performance. Within the Hereford herd, we chose to utilize Line 1 genetics for the consistency it brought to our breeding practices, as well as the added performance we saw in the genetic lines. The Angus genetics were also selected to add performance to the herd.

Today, we currently run approximately 800 cows spread across the central part of Kansas. The ranch utilizes an extensive amount of AI work to ensure the best possible genetics are being implemented into the herd. We also utilize embryo transplants to produce more calves from our top-performing cows. With new technology being made available for DNA testing, we have committed to DNA testing our entire cow herd in the coming years as well as doing a 50K genomics test on many bulls to ensure the most accurate information is available on each animal in our herd.

Family is a big part of what we do, as B&D Herefords and Angus is completely owned and operated by our family. Founded in 1969 by Gerald Beran and his brother-in-law Vince Dolechek, the ranch is now owned and operated by brothers Craig, Gerald Jr., Kevin and Terry Beran. Gerald Jr.’s son Matt has also returned to the ranch full-time. Matt’s fiancée Courtney is the local FFA teacher as well. Craig has served on the Kansas and American Hereford Association board of directors and currently serves on the Kansas Angus Association board of directors. Craig’s wife Michelle and daughter Bridget served on the National Hereford Women Board of Directors and Bridget was active in the National Junior Hereford Association as a youth and attended the Beef Leaders Institute with the American Angus Association in 2016. Craig and Bridget have both been active in beef genetic trade missions in coordination with the Kansas Department of Agriculture to Central and South America.


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